Link to new song, “Mama” on Soundcloud

October 22nd, 2014 by megan

OK, I think I figured it out! Here ya go!

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Fall times! New Spikedrivers record!

October 22nd, 2014 by megan

It’s been a very busy fall and I’ve thought of updating quite a few times but never got around to it! So hello again! I think the last time I wrote I was about to embark to Alaska! Though that seems like a very long time ago I am still trying to integrate the magnitude of that experience, so maybe now I can actually write a little bit about my time up there. I’ve also been on a few other tours since then … so I won’t bore you by listing all the cool places I’ve been but I’ll give a few highlights and post some pics of the times I’ve had…

Also, The Spikedrivers have released a new record called “Sunset Motel” You can download it on Itunes or at CD BABY I have a song called “Mama” on the record and I”m trying to figure out how to upload it to this site so you can listen to it. I’m really happy with the way it came out!

Back to Alaska…

Balancing act!

Balancing act!

I was there almost a month and was able to play shows with Tim Easton, as well as Easton Stagger Phillips, Nellie Clay, Dylan Lee Johnston and Deadhorse Highway… I had a blast at Salmonstock, which is like the Comfest of Alaska. (If you are from Ohio, you know what I mean)… Also The Trapper Creek Fest reminded me of a more remote Comfest with a lot of painted people hanging around. I had the fortune of traveling around the state in boats and small planes as well. I went fishing on the Kenai Peninsula, rafted the 6 mile Creek (which was no small stream!!)
Waders rock!

Waders rock!

That is no cat in the back!

That is no cat in the back!

I also got to play in Kantishna in Denali Park again this year. Dylan Lee Johnston and I were able to fly into the center of the park, which is an awe inspiring experience! The rest of the band met us later in the day (they drove the van down the grueling 90 mile dirt road)… this road is special, and we all rode back out together. You can see bears, moose, and caribou along the way. It’s a nerve-wracking drive with steep cliffs and breathtaking views that are simply amazing.

Plane to Kantishna in Denali Park

Plane to Kantishna in Denali Park

Denali travel companions

Denali travel companions

We wrapped up the trip back in Anchorage, playin a few shows around town and I managed to squeeze a session in with some of Alaska’s finest musicians, James Dommek Jr (drums), James Glaves (guitar) and Marty Severin (bass/engineer)… more from that to come I hope!

Ok, I got to roll right now. But I promise I’ll figure out soon how to get some links to music up… I think I’m technology challenged still on a few fronts. More later!

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Going back to the wildness…

July 28th, 2014 by megan

Which is Alaska! I head there tomorrow to meet up with musical friends Tim Easton, Dylan Lee Johnston, and Nellie Clay… We will be playing the Salmonstock Festival again this year. I’ll be out there touring around a few weeks… I’ve no idea what adventures are in store!

Tim Easton and I just got back from a wonderful week in Oklahoma. We played for the first time at The Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, OK before moving on to Woodyfest in Okemah, OK. Woody lived in Okemah when he was young, and the history there is powerful. So many great artists come for Woodyfest and I really had an excellent time sharing music and stories with everyone. Below is a picture of David Amram and me playing during his set.

Photo by John Claeys

Photo by John Claeys

Amram was ubiquitous at the festival, and probably should have won an award for the most entertaining person on stage, as well as frequency, and endurance (at 83 he stayed up later than me every night, we are talking past 5 AM usually).

In addition to that, I really enjoyed getting to hear Arlo Guthrie perform with his band. I’ve been listening to him since I was a kid, but had never seen him live. When I met him, his speaking voice was so familiar to me, I felt like we knew each other! He has a beautiful family, and I am grateful to call them friends.

I really love the spirit of Woody Guthrie. I have just finished re-reading ‘Bound for Glory’ again, and especially since I was just on his old stomping grounds in Okemah, I can feel the sprit of him and understand so much more about him. His traveling days were much harder than ours, but I can still relate to many of his experiences, and how a little bit of creativity can go a long way.


Off to Texas

June 23rd, 2014 by megan

About to get on the road to Texas with Tim Easton and Amy Speace…

here’s where we’ll be this week:

June 24: Oklahoma City, OK: The Blue Door
June 25: Arlington, TX: Chuggin Monk
June 26: Dallas, TX: Poor David’s Pub
June 27: Austin, TX: The Cactus Cafe
June 28: Houston, TX: Mucky Duck

Then after the 4th of July we’ll be heading back to Oklahoma for Woody Fest, and also a show at the Woody Guthrie center in Oklahoma!


Spring dates!!!!

April 24th, 2014 by megan

I just got back from another great trip to Alaska! This time Tim Easton and I traveled to Anchorage for one night only at the Taproot and then boarded a plane the next morning to Juneau, AK. This was my first time to the old gold rush town, with it character saloons mixed with capital city lobbyist types in addition to beautiful mountain landscapes, and of course, musicians who never stop.

at the Bourbon Brunch

at the Bourbon Brunch

Highlights of the Folk Festival in Juneau included the Bourbon Brunch (pictured above) with its “French Bowling” theme, spending time with The Lost Lakers band, seeing the Northern Lights and countless bald eagles, and getting to tour the Juneau Capital Building! The music was good too!

Governor's Mansion

best plane ride ever!

best plane ride ever!

Now that we are back, Tim and I have been producing our friend from Alaska/Portland Dylan Lee Johnston here in Nashville… we’ve been having a blast and I think good things will come of that…

Tim and I are playing Thursdays at the Five Spot in May. 6-8 PM… We’ll be joined by Eric Alvar on bass.

Next weekend I’ll be at the Central Ohio FolkFest! Here is a link to the schedule!

Check the tour page for all other upcoming dates in May, June and July!


Folk Spring Ahead

March 15th, 2014 by megan

Hey it has been awhile but I’m getting back in the game. After a year of being in Nashville I’m inspired to work hard on finding ways to make some new recordings and have been writing again. I’ve been super busy touring with Tim Easton in support of his latest record ‘Not Cool.’ Next month we will be traveling to Alaska again for the Alaskan Folk Festival. We will each play sets there in addition to playing shows together that week… In May I’ll be at the Columbus Folk Fest as well as a couple of Spikedriver’s dates… I’ll list it all below…

Tim and I recently returned from the Folk Alliance. What a time in Kansas City! Songwriters I truly love show up there and pass along inspiration! John Fullbright, Parker Milsap, Sam Baker, Steve Poltz, Amy Speace, Raina Rose, Betty Soo, Amy Levere, The Wild Ponies are some of the favorite people I saw and heard there. I am grateful to know these folks, and witness their hard work…

I didn’t make it to South by Southwest this year. But I had my own (not) NSXSW here in Nashville this week and it made up for it. I managed to have friends Nellie Clay and Larry Cook visit me from Alaska and New York and adventures we had this week in the town I live in! Station Inn, Roberts Western World, The 5 Spot (Country Wednesday), The Basement (Buddy Miller and friends),Bridgestone Arena (BILLY JOEL!) reminded me Nashville has a ton of great music every night, as if one forgets… but truly between being caught up in touring and also coming home and going straight to work at the hospital, sometimes I am oblivious to the sights and sounds of Music City. My brave visitors and I tore up the town!

Upcoming gigs for me include but are not limited to:

Tuesday March 5:Nashville TN 2Dollar Tuesday at the 5 Spot: SOLO

April 4-6: Chattanooga TN: Rhythm and Blooms Fest, with Tim Easton

April 9: Anchorage, AK: The Taproot, opening for Tim Easton

April 10-14: Alaska Folk Fest

April 26: Columbus OH: The Spikedrivers at the Commons

May3-4: Columbus OH : Megan Palmer at the Columbus Folk Fest

May 9: Columbus OH: Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza: The Spikedrivers Acoustic

May 10: Athens OH: Casa Nueva: The Spikedrivers

July 10-14: Okemah, OK: WoodyFest

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October 16th, 2013 by megan

Here is a link to a video we made for Tim Easton’s new record, NOT COOL. Directed by Shawn Foster, shot at Club Roar in Nashville TN.’t Lie by Tim Easton


Nashville Fall Recap

October 16th, 2013 by megan

It’s my first fall living in Nashville. While I’m home this month, I’m taking a little time to enjoy the town. It’s still warm here! I’m really enjoying it so much. Everyone here has many talents to offer. It’s challenging and intimidating and fun all at the same time. Trying to keep the 3 ring circus going as I said to a friend the other day: Creative Life, Personal Life, Financial Life… they all overlap but it is 3 things to think of handling… So I’m just checking in with this website and making some fall plans…

Tim Easton and I had an excellent time in Alaska. It never fails to be awe-inspiring out there. We played Salmonstock, rode around the Kenai Peninsula with Dylan Lee Johnston in his sweet van, played lots of songs, shucked oysters on the Homer Spit, nearly drowned at the Salty Dog, and then I nearly instigated a fist fight with a couple of dudes… not my usual, but AK isn’t the usual. I got to Talkeetna for the first time. We stayed in the rooms that were formerly a brothel above where we played. Everything felt pretty haunted. Tim and I texted from our rooms across the hall from each other … we couldn’t sleep. All was good when I woke up to a very loud sound from the street and the comic relief of an actual toilet falling off a truck and breaking into several pieces… We wound down on Flattop Mountain outside Anchorage and Dylan Lee Johnston and I spent our time off the grid moose stalking and making music late into the nights, building fires, eating smoked salmon and his mom’s delicious blueberry pie (which I took a spare handful of when no one was looking).

After Alaska, we promptly went into full swing of the release of Tim’s new record ‘NOT COOL’. I’m really proud to be on this great record which he has made. Also on it are JD Simo (guitar), Jon Radford (drums) Joe Ficke (Bass) and Sadler Vaden (guitar). We played Music City Roots and then took off on the road up to Lexington KY and Columbus OH and we were pretty sure our minds were still on Alaska time for those shows, which is a good thing!

A week off and I went to visit NYC after my long absence… and hooked up with Larry Cook to play at our old fav, 68 Jay Street. So much fun, and I love love love New York still… no hard feelings there! I even got to go to Coney Island and get some late summer burn! I had to get back though because we were Texas bound… There is some perspective gained going to the 2 biggest states a few weeks apart. We played a killer show at Antone’s in Austin, hung out with The O’s in Dallas and played the Cactus in Houston. Long drive brought us home in time for the Americana Festival. My first one, and I loved it. I felt relieved that I possibly do belong to some sort of music genre, albeit the one that makes the least amount of money these days. But oh well, it’s still functioning. I got to go to the awards show, and I made it to a few other events, even though I was busy working at Vanderbilt that week (one of my 3 rings, right?) Love my Vandy job by the way, and I’ve never written I love my job on my website before. Anyway at Americana I got to see Richard Thompson, The Wood Brothers, and Lucinda Williams in addition to playing a fun set with Tim and the band he assembled for the night at The Basement. It represented how fun music can be. Playing with Jon Radford and Aaron Lee Tasjan and Russell Pollard that night (and Tim of course) was a magical set that would be hard to top on any given day.

I have the month at home now to work and get to work on writing and practicing and finding my gym shoes. I’m looking for a drum set if anyone has one they’d like to get rid of.
Thanks for reading! I just posted some dates for November/December, and I hope to see you soon! xo m


Alaska Eve…

July 31st, 2013 by megan

Greetings from Portland Oregon. I just spent the past 5 days with my family on the Oregon coast celebrating my parents wedding anniversary. I can’t remember the last time my whole family was together for this long, especially since my nephew Arthur, who is 18 months old, joined the family. We had a lot of fun and there was quite a bit of singing and dancing. Tomorrow, sadly I leave the fam, but I DO get to go to Alaska, and play music with Tim Easton and all the other Alaskans I have missed the whole past year. It’s going to be 2 weeks of fun and music. Here is where we’ll be:

8/1-8/16/2013: ALASKA TOUR with OUT OF OUR TREE

8/1/2013: Achorage, AK: Bear Tooth Theatre with Tim Easton

8/2-8/4/2013: Salmonstock Festival, Ninilchik AK

8/5/2013: Homer, AK: Kharacters

8/8-8/9/2013: Anchorage, AK: The Taproot

8/10/2013: Anchorage, AK: Renewable Energy Fest, solo and with Tim Easton

8/10/2013: Hope, AK: The Seaview

8/11/2013: Talkeetna, AK: Fairview Inn

8/14/2013: Anchorage, AK: The Taproot, solo show opening for Dylan Lee Johnston

Katelyn, MP, Betty at the beach

Katelyn, MP, Betty at the beach



Happy with Cheryll and John

Happy with Cheryll and John



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Post Comfest Post

July 5th, 2013 by megan

Anyone who was at Comfest this year in Columbus Ohio knows we magically made the rain stay away (except for Saturday night, anyway, sorry Enrique Enfante)… but what a great weekend, as always. Thank you people of Columbus and vicinity for throwing the summer’s best party. I enjoyed playing all weekend long with Jen Miller, Larry Cook, Dan Dougan and Little Bothers, Tim Easton as Out of Our Tree, The Spikedrivers, The Floorwalkers, Aaron Lee Tashjan, Sam Brown, Brett Burleson and seeing everyone is Columbus. It is a homecoming that I really cherish. Comfest is the best way to have a Columbus family reunion. Here are a couple of photos I’ve been sent so far, I’m sure there are more to come.

Bozo Stage with The Spikedrivers and Out of Our Tree

Bozo Stage with The Spikedrivers and Out of Our Tree

Stage right with Sweney during WOMAN

Stage right with Sweney during WOMAN

'Out of Our Tree'

‘Out of Our Tree’

Out of Our Tree debuted on the Bozo Stage of Comfest. Tim Easton and I are Out of Our Tree. We are on our way to Woody Guthrie Fest in Oklahoma next week, followed by Alaska a couple weeks later. We have a new EP called Arts N Crafts that we made at my house in Nashville. Oh ya, I moved to Nashville… I live in East Nashville and am enjoying tending to my tomato plants, recording in the spare bedroom and hangin out in the backyard with Roger the Rabbit… life is good!